“Look Away” Runs Again.


I’m excited to announce my recent story, “Look Away,” is running on this week’s Tales to Terrify podcast. It’s ably interpreted by Jonathan Danz, whose smooth southern voice is, I think, perfect for the story. It follows “Bespoke” by Jessica M. Broughton narrated by Antoinette Bergin. I hope you’ll give both a listen.

If you like the story, you can find it on Amazon for a buck. If you really like it, please consider leaving a review.

Y’all come back and visit soon.

Personal Goal Achieved: I sold a story!

News Flash: I recently sold my first piece of fiction for money–big news from my point of view. It wasn’t much money, but it’s a start. The piece is called “Look Away,” a 5300-word Civil War story I’ve posted chunks of in draft form here on the blog. It placed at an historical fiction audio podcast called Tales of Old. Because ToO purchased non-exclusive rights, I was able to offer it to a second audio fiction podcast, the fantastic Tales to Terrify. That one, strangely enough, is a horror fiction podcast. The editor thought the realistic events in the story were terrifying enough to qualify as “horror.” It will be interesting to see how two different narrators interpret my story. I’ll let you know when it’s available for listening, and after it airs, I’ll probably post the story here for your reading pleasure.

This is a major milesone for me, as I’m just about to retire from active service in the U.S. Army since 1991. A personal goal of mine was to publish at least one story before I become a civilian. Checked that one off–now I’m motivated to try for another before I hang up the uniform for good.