While applying for a marriage certificate in Lexington, Susan and I were asked to identify our race. We agreed we’re tired of that question on every government form everywhere, so we entered the word “Human.” The clerk was not having it and insisted that we properly categorize ourselves by skin color. We complied, yet it felt right to push back, just a bit, and peacefully, against an anachronistic regulation. If and when the government asks me to declare my religion, I’ll enter the word “Liberty.”Screenshot 2017-03-11 08.48.54.png


The Most Important Image Captured by Hubble


The Most Important Image Captured by Hubble

The more insignificant we discover we are in the universe, the more important it seems (to me) to make something meaningful of our short, short lives and to spread the human race beyond the tiny, vulnerable bubble of air and water where it spawned.