The U.S. Strike on a Syrian Air Base–How Does This Make Sense?

I’m trying to figure this one out. If Trump is in Putin’s pocket–and I believe he is–then why would he order an airstrike on a Russian proxy government’s assets?
Here’s my current theory. Putin, wanting out of the 2015 memorandum of understanding on the air operations so that he can act with more freedom in Syria and Iraq, and knowing that Trump would have to make some sort of display of resolve against any new Syrian government atrocity, hatches a plan. He orders Assad to massacre some civilians (again) using sarin gas, giving the US a generally acceptable reason to use military force against the Assad regime. Meanwhile, Putin instructs Trump to strike a mostly abandoned Syrian government airfield in retaliation, but to warn Russia first. Trump orders the strike, Putin puts on a show of indignation and withdraws from the agreement, Trump supporters cheer the president for his bold action. (Why do you think Trump hired the former CENTCOM commander as SECDEF?)
I heard it said this morning, and I agree, that whomever opposes helping Syrian refugees, yet supports attacking Syrian forces, is not pro-humanity. They are pro-war.
Six people are reportedly dead as a result of the cruise missile strike. The US launched 59 ship-based cruise missiles, each of which costs American taxpayers approximately one million dollars. The immediate result is that the airspace over Syria, lousy with US and Russian warplanes, now lacking the agreement that prevented each country from interfering with the other’s air combat operations, is now much more dangerous. In fact, it’s a likely place to start a war that could shift the global balance of power in favor of Russia. The kind of war the world has been trying to avoid since the end of World War II.

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