If You Posers Want to “Support the Police,” Apply to the Police Academy!

366C37BB00000578-0-image-a-43_1468986466679Tevor Leis (center) exercises his Ohio open carry rights in Public Square, Cleveland, on Tuesday (photo credit: Associated Press)

Here’s a lovely snapshot from the UK of what the world is seeing in the Good Old USA.
This is going to be a bit of a rant, but the situation is well beyond ridiculous, and we are becoming accepting of it. I say it’s unacceptable. I would ask these posers how it feels to be ridiculed by the civilized world, but that’s the problem–they don’t care about anything outside their myopic, infantile world view.
I imagine some of these misguided men may have seen war up-close, though I’m certain none of them are currently serving in the armed forces or law enforcement. I know this because this kind of behavior is forbidden to those who serve officially in uniform. So what are they there to do, confront protesters? With assault rifles?
By the way, some of the protesters are packing iron as well. Does anyone else see the danger here?

366D38FA00000578-3698664-Micah_Naziri_L_and_Jaimes_Campbell_advocates_for_open_carry_patr-m-60_1468990143539Micah Naziri (left) and Jaimes Campbell, advocates for open carry, patrol the streets of Cleveland (photo credit: Reuters)

I’ve been to distant places where every male carries an assault rifle everywhere he goes, indoors and out. These aren’t nice places to live. People are shot every day, often by friends and family members over trivial matters. No one is safe. Ubiquitous open carry of assault weapons doesn’t increase anyone’s security. The effect is precisely the opposite. If you’ve also spent a significant amount of time in such a broken society, you’re qualified to argue with me on this, and I’m listening.
Ignorance, if left unchecked, becomes dangerous. These men are what that looks like. You want to make America great again? Then urge your representatives to chase these Neanderthals off the street. That is, if you can find a congressman not bought and paid for by the National Rifle Association.

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