I Live.

That’s right. I’m still alive.

On June 26th, I graduated from the University of Tampa’s Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts program. Now, several days later, after some time to process it, I think it’s time to shake off the disorientation of no longer being a grad student and get on with life. A lot has happened in the past several months. Aside from finishing school, my personal life has fundamentally changed. I’ve started a new 9-to-5 job and learned again what living alone is like. (I may write more about that soon.)

For those of you who notice these tiny electronic symbols I’m tossing into the vast gulf of the internet, thank you for reading. I plan to show up here a lot more often now that I’m not putting all my energy into writing a masters thesis. I won’t promise anything more profound than what you’re reading now, (Thanks for reading!) but you never know.

There are stories to tell, and I’ve been working pretty hard at telling a few of them. At the moment, I have a semi-autobiographical short story titled “The Grove” I’m submitting to journals that seem a good fit. There are a couple others in line for revisions, and I hope to announce a couple of publications in the coming weeks and months.

I realized about three weeks ago that there are people I haven’t spoken to for awhile who have no idea what the shape of my life is these days. If you’re one of those folks, forgive me. I’ve been through some painful changes, and I’m only now beginning to peek over the edge of the rather dark hole I inhabited throughout the spring.

I still haven’t discovered the true purpose of I Write, but for now, perhaps it’s a sort of series of messages in bottles to toss into the digital surf. If one washes up on your beach, leave a comment.

I’ll be back soon.

No, really–I mean it this time.


2 thoughts on “I Live.

  1. This transition after MFA isn’t easy, a kind of waking up of sorts for some of us. Suddenly everything is about you. I’m feeling it too. Much like a child heading toward the lunchroom at school – move along, keep up. And you have no idea what will be slopped onto your plate.

  2. I look forward to reading The Grove. Glad you’re emerging from the fog and nice to hear about your goings-on 😊

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