Ink and Paper

I’ve been suffering from a disturbing tendency to give in to distractions when I should be writing. Whether it’s one of my two Facebook accounts (Oh, for cryin’ out loud, Man!), email, THIS BLOG, or this nifty new critique site I’ve been trying out called Scribophile, I’m finding way (way) too much on the interwebs to distract me from the work that must be done. Today’s remedy was surprisingly effective. I grabbed my trusty notebook and my favorite pen, and fled the house for the local public library. I brought no electronic devices. (Imagine!) And guess what. I got a veritable shitload of work done.
Here’s a fringe benefit of using good old-fashioned pen and ink. Since my deadline is tomorrow, I don’t have a lot of time for revision. But since I wrote pages and pages of physical pigment on pulp, I still have to hammer this stuff into my keyboard. So that’s one automatic revision. As I type, I can change what doesn’t work for me upon re-reading.
I think I’m going to celebrate all this work I got done tonight by buying a brand-new bottle of fountain pen ink. What color should I pick?


Ink and Paper

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