Alive in Florida



So many things have changed in the past few weeks. I’ve retired from the Army, started the University of Tampa’s MFA program in Creative Writing, and moved to Valrico, Florida. I had thought to document it all every step of the way, but the reality of all life’s moving parts has swept me along with no time for blogging. 

So, here I am, an unemployed, retired veteran grad student. It’s quite a change from life as an active-duty Army officer. Change is good. I plan to spend more time here writing about whatever occurs to me. I’ll try to keep it focused on my experiences as an MFA student and newly retired ex-soldier. I suppose I’m going to have to find another job pretty soon as well to support the writing habit. And the eating, sheltering, and having a family habit. 

I’ll return soon, hopefully with something more substantial. 


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