Long-Lost Star Trek TOS Photos

Sherry Jackson as the Lovely Android, Andrea

The original Star Trek series was an integral part of my childhood in the seventies. My brother and I used to carry around our own crude approximations of Star Trek phasers and tricorders, and create our own Kirk and Spock adventures.

When I came across these photos, it was like finding a time capsule in the attic, and all the fun of the series came rushing back. I didn’t notice it as a kid, but the show boasted some truly beautiful women.

Check out the photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/birdofthegalaxy/page12/. There are even a couple never-before-seen shots of the Orion slave girl scene.

It’s all eye candy.

Live long, and prosper.


One thought on “Long-Lost Star Trek TOS Photos

  1. I recall watching the show first run, 1966-69. Women appeared in various states of undress, but to the Roddenberry’s credit, women served in important roles on staff.

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