1 November Brain Waves

I found myself alone in the house this Halloween, dispensing treats to legions of little monsters. (I also passed out colorful Halloween pencils, which I was surprised to see the kids loved more than candy.) There were a couple of teenage-sized monsters as well, including one who strode up to my door, sans costume, and gave me a slow, baritone “trick-or-treat” (the “comma-M.F.” was implied.) in between what he was saying into the cell phone pressed to his ear. I considered shoving him into the shrubbery, but little ones were present, so I tossed him a Jolly Rancher and left it at a raised eyebrow.
In between waves of sugar ghouls, I spent time reviewing a workshop friend’s first two novel chapters. It’s a horror novel, so I felt I was getting my proper dose of Halloween creepiness.
The reflection came when I considered my two sons. One is on the cusp of becoming a teenager, and discovering things like the fact that girls like him and he can stay up later with friends. He got the speech on calling us on the cell if ever he wants to come home early, that we’ll just park on the curb and not embarrass him, “don’t drink, but call us if you do and need a ride,” and on respecting girls. I miss the little boy he was, but I’m proud of the young man he’s becoming. As for my younger son, I’m amazed at his power to physically heal. Five days ago, a neighborhood dog attacked him and bit him five times. Each bite broke the skin, and one especially deep bite called for a CAT scan to be certain a fang hadn’t caused internal damage. The day after, he was in a lot of pain and didn’t want to do much. The bandages have since been reduced to Band-Aids, and last night he showed no ill effects—just another energetic trick-or-treater.
Halloween was always my second-favorite holiday as a kid, and I still get that little shiver up my spine sometimes. I signed up for NaNoWriMo for the first time this year, and it’s only just occurring to me that the thing kicks off the day after Halloween. Today’s the day I decide which concept to pull out of the Idea Bin for starting my novel-in-a-month. Maybe I’ll try horror.
If anyone (actually reads this blog) else is doing NaNoWriMo, I’d love to hear what your thoughts on it are on the first day. Did you get your word count finished?
Well, happy November 1st. I’ve got writing to do.


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