Backyard Hunter

Today I took advantage of the cool breezes produced by the passing hurricane to do some serious yard work. I mowed. I pruned. I built a frickin’ trampoline for the kids.
While pruning the two blackberry bushes inside our back yard fence, a flash of bright green zipping across the boards caught my eye. Possibly the coolest hunting spider ever stared up (from its point of view) at me with what I though was a tiny cricket in its venomous clutches. It watched me watching it with no fear for a couple minutes, until it occurred to me to run in the house for the camera. I didn’t expect it to still be there when I returned two minutes later, but there it was.
After looking at the photos on my desktop monitor, I can see the spider’s kill wasn’t a cricket at all, but another spider. Yikes. It’s a brutal existence in the micro-backyard.

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