Paddle Faster. I Hear Banjo Music.

Jeff, Steve, and Greg in West End, NC

We’re not pretty, but we sounded surprisingly good at the 3rd Annual Baghdad Bad Boys Reunion last Saturday. The group hadn’t played together for a year, and I hadn’t played with them since 2009, but over the course of about seven hours (not including a huge dinner), we played just about every bluegrass standard we could think of.
It’s a funny thing about good friends that no matter how long we’ve been apart, when we meet again it’s like we were together just yesterday. Maybe that’s an effect of getting older and the seemingly increasing rate of passing time. In any case, I can’t wait to pick with these guys again. Now that I’m on the same side of the Atlantic, maybe we won’t have to wait another year.
Unfortunately, I spent all my time behind a guitar or mandolin and not much behind a camera, so I don’t have any video to share yet. I’m hoping someone who attended shot some they’ll soon be willing to share.
Nothing re-energizes and invigorates like playing music with friends.
Make life a work of art.

“I’ve got blisters on my fingers!” –John Lennon, The Beatles’ White Album


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