Critters.Org works for me.

I can’t praise the Critters’ Workshop enough. I posted the first chapter of Midway a couple weeks ago and received an avalanche of comments. The quality of the critiques offered on is outstanding. “Critters” are polite, but if something is broken, they’ll tell the writer about it in a straightforward way. It’s incredibly helpful as a leg up for the first draft of a short story, and writers can submit a request for dedicated readers (RFDR) for a novel, either all at once or chapter by chapter, as in my case. Critters has traditionally focused on speculative fiction, but recently opened up workshops for literary fiction and many other genres. I’m a novice, and this is exactly what I need when revising my work.

I’d be interested to know about any other free online writers’ workshops out there that might compare in quality to


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