It’s possible you’ve done some of these things, but unlikely you have completed the entire list. Here’s my list, in no particular order:

1. Cut both my sons’ umbilical cords

2. Performed in a bluegrass band at General David Petraeus’s farewell bash in Baghdad, Iraq

3. Had an AK-47 round smash through the roof and bounce on the rug beside my chair while reading

4. Viewed the Milky Way from the mountains of Eastern Afghanistan (no light pollution at all)

5. Napped on a log only to learn later its bark was infested by tiny black scorpions

6. Been both fired by one Army officer and promoted by his commander in the same month

7. Enjoyed lunch on the unfinished roof of Saddam Hussein’s “Victory Over America” palace

8. Tackled a criminal on the sidewalk and held him for the cops

9. Decontaminated a jeep in a training chamber filled with live VX nerve gas

10. Watching my first copy of James Clavell’s Shogun float out to sea as my boat sank miles off the Florida coast

What’s on your list?

Inspired by John Scalzi’s recent blog post:



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