Keep Pushing

Welcome to my blog about writing in an already full life schedule. This is my third shot at creating a blog that matters to me. I think the way to do that is to focus it on one thing as much as possible. A successful writer such as John Scalzi (for example) can write pretty much anything about anything on his fantastic blog Whatever. We’ll read whatever he serves up because he’s established. He’s bona fide. Wannabes such as my own unknown-but-soon-to-be-famous self should endeavor to look professional. So, in this blog I’m going to focus on my writing. For other subjects, I’ll keep Tin Robot’s  squeaky joints oiled. Writing is an uphill fight for anyone with a full-time career, and I’m no exception to the rule. In fact, my boss may read this and scowl at how I’m not focusing on my job right now. Well, to quote Jeff Black, “I think I need my soul to live.” My soul is always writing. The trick is to get the words through my pen or keyboard every day.


One thought on “Focus

  1. We’re practically in the same boat, Steve — it is extremely challenging to try to write while having to work full time (and having domestic responsibilities, too).

    In terms of getting published, I found that critiquing groups are helpful (to an extent) — one just needs to know where to draw the fine line between mangling one’s work and revising it to its fullest potential. Right now, the Baen’s Bar fills my critiquing needs.

    All the best and keep on writing!
    Jack Skelter

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